Personalized Engraved Cat Collar

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drak blue
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Personalized Engraved Cat Collar

šŸ¾ Classic design: beautiful colors, durable and rust-free. Fashionable color makes your pet look more charming when running and playing .


šŸ¾Customized collar: pet's name and phone number will be clearly and permanently engraved on the stainless steel nameplate. please make sure that the personalized information you entered is correct, especially the phone number.

šŸ¾Type: Personalized CatĀ Collars

šŸ¾Material: PU Leather

šŸ¾Color: Brown, Black, Pink, Red, Light Blue, Dark Blue

šŸ¾Free Engraving service: Pet's name and Phone Number
šŸ¾ ex:Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā BellaĀ  Ā 07722 350300

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