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 The Zen Nest

A premium bed that will instantly help your pet feel calmer and more relaxed . Designed with their well - being in mind ..

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Our Zen Nest was specially created to ease your furry friend's anxiety and help them achieve a state of absolute relaxation . It's so soft you'll probably want one for yourself too ( we won't judge you ) .

Crafted with extra soft cotton that mimics the cozy hug of a mother's fur coat , your pet will instantly feel less anxious and happier !


🐾 Eases Anxiety - No more sleepless nights or scary alone time when you leave for work . Our Zen Nest has a raised rim that helps your pet feel safe . They will feel calmer , cozy , and warm while they wait for you to come back .



🐾 Extra Comfort - Your pet's comfort and happiness is our # 1 goal here at pivacat™ . Our Zen Nest is so cozy that we're positive you're going to want to try it for yourself( rest assured , we have ! ) .

Made with high quality cotton and incredibly soft on the inside , it's the perfect bed for a pet with painful joints or muscles .

🐾 Improved Health - Better sleep will contribute to reducing your pet's anxiety , which will lead to a healthier cat( or dog) and a longer life . A healthy pet equals a happy human . Win - win situation !

🐾 Easy To Clean - All you have to do throw it in the washing machine , to get rid of funky smells and excess fur . It can then go in the dryer but we usually prefer to let it air dry in the shade . Squeaky clean and good as new !


🐾Modern Design - Our Zen Nest comes in a variety of colors ( that are neutral and versatile ) so you can make sure that it matches your home's décor . It will look great in your living room , bedroom or kitchen .

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